Spi's Mission

Eternity in an Adventure ...

07/28/09 - First Release of Spi's Mission Version Serebii 2: Eastside

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Recommended Settings to Play: 1152x864 pixels (32 bit)
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VERSION 2.01 (Updated 08/05/11)

When Spi's ship explodes and crashes, along with Furtret and Aren, Spi Jirachi returns back to Serebii and find himself to land in an unexpected area. Spi being fascinated in a whole new area of Serebii that he never walked upon calls out for an adventure with his friends. Traveling upon the vast face of Eastside Serebii to experience an adventure, fulfill daring missions, and befriend new allies.  The origin of drones, Mutties, legendary heroes, and many other mysteries unfolds wherever Spi travels to. An epic adventure awaits to be discovered, facing many challenges along the way.

Patch Version 2.01 Modifications
* Tree collision box are now smoother and have less conflict in navigating through.
* Shifted Spi's tag color from green to blue, including his default orb color combination.
* Furtret and Aren in "Scatter" command now support themselves in opening boxes or barrels and fetching health orbs if health is low enough.
* Introduction cinema scene with the ship in space is a lot cleaner now.
* Boxes and barrels are placed within the few first rooms to give more variety when starting.
* Useless production name is removed in rightful place of my name.
* Some other minor modifications not needed to be mention.